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Your Go-To Source for information and resources if you suspect alien contact.



Thanks for your interest in the Alien Contact Team. Members bio's are shown below. We are a group of open minded and knowledgeable volunteers familiar with the phenomena of alien contact and abduction. Often, a person has no one they can safely speak to about their experiences. We offer that opportunity. If you'd like to arrange a confidential call, perhaps learn of some resources, or just to finally be able to talk freely about what you've been experiencing, send us your email address and we'll get back with you.

Please be aware that we are not psychological or medical therapists. We simply offer a private conversation with an ACT member familiar with these phenomena. You must evaluate any information or resources we might share, and it is your decision alone whether to pursue these. Neither the ACT nor its members accept liability from our conversations, nor from any subsequent paths you may choose to pursue. You are solely responsible for evaluating any information or resources you receive from the ACT or its members.

Thanks for bearing with us as this website is being constructed.

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