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"It was always out of question for me to open up and talk about my lifelong experiences with alien beings. However, sooner or later comes a moment in life, when you cannot deal with this alone anymore, you must tell someone. But not anyone. You need to talk to people, who will really listen, they'll understand you completely, and will keep your story and identity confidential. It's not easy to find such people. I was lucky to get in touch with one of the team members of ACT who almost magically gained my trust. For the first time ever I heard myself talking about the big secret in my life. The compassion, the understanding, the knowledge, and the intelligence of my adviser exceeded my best expectations. Almost immediately I felt like talking to a best friend who I've known for years. His empathy and remarkable intuition were leading me safely on a journey to past events, which I had almost forgotten and helped me to reevaluate them from a different perspective. I was never judged, or questioned, no one ever asked me to provide evidence, no one doubted my mental health. ACT isn't just a group of incredible people. It's a group of healers."
(Kind words from a person in Bulgaria.  JB)

"Thank you Alien Contact Team for a very helpful and healing conversation. Your knowledge and feedback has given me food for thought in my search for answers. For that I’m very thankful!

Best Regards,"


(from Denmark. JB)

“Here are the few words about the value of speaking with someone like you.

When I talked with John he is a good listener and is very supportive if you have things you need to talk about he will talk with you for a few hours. I always feel better a huge weight lifted off my chest when I talk with him and if you need more support like for regression, experiencer support chat zoom meetings etc he will get it for you. He is the best one I talked with and will keep in touch with.”

From Canada, 5 Jan 23

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