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About the ACT (Alien Contact Team)

Purpose and Beginnings

The intention of the Alien Contact Team (ACT) is to offer the opportunity to those suspecting alien contact, often referred to as "experiencers", to finally have a confidential conversation with an open minded and knowledgeable person. We, and those experiencers we have spoken to over the years, feel this is a very valuable service. These conversations are confidential and private, as we feel keeping people anonymous is paramount. We might also be able to offer some information or resources you may wish to consider. The decision to pursue any of these is entirely your own, of course. And to be clear, entirely at your own risk. We can't be liable for any avenues you yourself choose to pursue. Usually we find that just being able to finally share your story in a private conversation and receive some feedback is useful. We are experienced in speaking with persons who suspect alien contact, and have been frequently rewarded by the thanks from the person at the other end of the line. That thanks is what keeps us motivated to do this volunteer work.

If you decide you'd like to talk to one of our members, and wish to remain anonymous as possible, you only need to enter a current email address in the "Contact Us" form. Pick a fictitious name if you wish. All other text boxes are optional.


The ACT was initially formed in March of 2022 by members who left another major group that had recently begun to collect data on experiencers. Concerned about witness anonymity, which we viewed as essential, new groups, including this one, continue to offer a completely confidential conversations. It is one thing to report a UFO sighting. In today's world, especially since the Navy has recently admitted their Tic Tac UFO sightings are real, reporting a simple UFO sighting is less likely to be injurious to a person's reputation. But someone that reports being contacted by aliens, sometimes repeatedly, still risks being stigmatized. A person's career, social standing, and even well being, could be harmed by being known in their community as experiencing alien contact. We feel very strongly that such persons deserve complete anonymity. Some brave or independently wealthy are willing to be known and speak publicly about their experiences. Our hats are off to them. But our policy otherwise is that all our contacts will remain completely anonymous as possible. We cannot guarantee no one will ever hack into our site, as this is the ever present risk of our digital world. But we will do our best to keep anyone that contacts us as confidential as we possibly can.

Additionally, if you'd like to share a summary of your experiences, or sketches of what you have seen, as anonymously as you like, let us know. We plan to accept those we find sincere and post them to further public knowledge on this phenomena. The illustrations already on this site are from credible persons with remarkable experiences who wanted to share them for the benefit of others.


Finally, please bear with me as I learn the nuances of setting up a website. I have never done this before, and struggle with some details. My aim is to develop it into a useful resource, worthy of your visit.


21 Mar 22

Meet the Team
John Budrys

I've been volunteering to help experiencers for many years, and spoken with several hundred already. What continues to motivate me is the thanks I receive at the end of a conversation from someone grateful to have the chance to finally speak freely with someone with an open mind, and to get some information. My reward is to be able to learn more about the phenomena, which also helps me be more helpful to people I speak with in the future. I am also the person responsible for the design of this website, so am the sole person to blame for any construction issues.
I've not written any books, but I have written several articles for the MUFON Journal ERT column, beginning with the first ERT column in the April 2020 issue. I have also been interviewed in several podcasts, the latest of which was a short Unsolved Mysteries podcast, #59, titled "Alien Abduction in Indiana", released on 21 Sept 22, which you might enjoy. This link should take you there.

Gwen Farrell, CHt, RT 

Gwen is a Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in Experiencer Therapy, an experiencer support group facilitator, UFO Field Investigator consultant, CE5 researcher, past Director of MUFON’s Experiencer Resource Team and Associate of the Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support. She holds a degree in Education and Certification in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, with training in Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Technique and Experiencer Therapy by Barbara Lamb. She has been a MUFON member since 2006 and worked with experiencers/abductees in private therapy and groups in Phoenix and at the International UFO Congress, Star Works USA Symposium and MUFON Symposium for over 13 years.  She facilitates on-line groups for experiencers from around the world, and has authored numerous articles and books in the field of human-ET contact, including The ERT Files in the MUFON Journal and the Journal of Abduction Research. Her book, Forbidden Questions: A Guide to Human-ET Contact, is available on


Professional affiliations:

The Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists (ACCET) – past Secretary, Board of Directors.

The Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support (OPUS) – contributing author, volunteer.

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) – past Director of Experiencer Resource Team, Field Investigator consultant, MUFON Journal contributing author.

The Journal of Abduction Research (JAR) - Board of Editors and contributing author.



Forbidden Questions: A Therapist Talks About Human-ET Contact, Trafford Publishing, 2017.

Forbidden Questions: A Guide to Human-ET Contact, Lotus Dance Publishing, 2019.

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Dennis Johnson

Denny Johnson has been researching and working with experiencers since 2016.  He served as a certified field investigator for MUFON from 2016 to 2019.  He was a member of  MUFON’s  Experiencer Resource Team from 2019 until the end of 2021. He is currently consulting with experiencers for the Experiencer Support Team (EST) of the Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support (OPUS) as well as the Alien Contact Team.  Denny is a retired lawyer who spent his whole career working with clients in stressful situations, and he fully understands the need for confidentiality in these matters.

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